3 Sep

Snorkeling at Polhena

Snorkeling at Polhena, The sea between the shore and Polhena reef is shallow, and within the standing depth. Sunshine falls all the way to the sea bed, and this is best for snorkeling. The water level is even lesser at low tide everyday, and between November-January months of the year. If you have a set of snorkels you are privileged to see the colourful world of the Polhena reef. It is vibrant with the highly contrasting colours of purple, green, orange, red and yellow on the backdrop of corals and shining sand of the sea bed on a good sunshiny day. The ripples on the water surface makes patterns of sunshine on the sea bed which makes the realistic adventure of snorkeling more like a dream.

Polhena reef is home to a number of marine species including some colourful reef fish, colourful corals, urchins, star fish, sea cucumbers, etc.